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Welcome! I’m Julia Eskander, MSA, CPA. Sometimes the Master’s degree helps.

Hi, I’m Julia Eskander, CPA. I run a world wide virtual office tax practice. We offer a free phone consult. If we can’t help we’ll try to find someone who can. 

I run a CPA tax accountant firm with a virtual office to offer world-class service, wherever you live.

Thanks for your interest.  If you’re looking for a blend of personalized client service, experience, convenience and advanced credentials, you’ve found the right place!  I recognize our success depends on your success.  Please read any of the hundreds of posts on this website to help gauge my abilities and proactive attitude.

We help you keep more of what you earn! 

Here’s what I offer:

  • A free phone consult to help you decide if I’m the right CPA for you.
  • I prepare:
    • Amended tax returns.
    • Business.
    • Personal.
    • Payroll.
  • Back tax return services:
    • Business,
    • Personal
    • Payroll.
  • Business Tax Preparation.
    • Multiple States? No problems.
    • Schedule C, for sole proprietors or single member LLCs.
    • Form 1065, for Partnerships.
    • Form 1120-S, for S Corporations.
    • Form 1120 for C Corporations.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Cancelled debt.
    • Personal.
    • Business.
  • COA and HOA tax returns:
    • 1120H
    • 1120
    • 990
  • Construction.
    • Completed contract.
    • Percentage of completion.
  • Consulting if your company falls into our expertise.
  • E-Filing most tax returns.
  • E-signing for your convenience.
  • Estates.
    • Form 1041 and the alphabet of schedules.
  • Expat tax services:
    • Form 2555.
    • Form 1116.
    • FinCen 114 (FBAR).
    • Form 5471 for your “foreign” corporation.
  • Expert CPA Witness service if our schedule allows.
  • Franchises.
  • Healthcare
  • Individual Tax Preparation. Form 1040.
    • Multiple states.
    • IRS Notice responses.
    • State tax notices.
  • Form 982, Reduction of Tax Attributes, preparation including IRS insolvency and cancellation of debt Form 1099-C.
    • Gary has over 10 years of cancelled debt experience.
    • Rental real estate cancelled debt.
    • Credit card cancelled debt.
    • Student loan cancelled debt.
  • Landlords.
  • Non-Profits – Form 990 and the alphabet of sub-schedules.
  • Ponzi scheme recoveries.
  • ROBS. Turn your pension plan funds into business startup capital.
  • Special interest in Rental Real Estate. Why? My extended family owns rental real estate.
    • Schedule E.
    • Form 8825.
    • Form 4797
    • Form 8285.
    • If you didn’t claim depreciation we can help recoup that valuable deduction for you.
  • Tax audit representation and IRS issue resolution.  If my schedule allows.
  • Tax lien removals if our schedule allows.
  • Tax organizer to help make sure we have all the correct information.
  • Tax review with you by phone before e-filing.

I offer a proactive philosophy and attentive customer service.  We work hard to help you understand the implications of your accounting and tax work on the future.

Our experience includes:

  • Being CFO of a large regional medical practice.
  • Being a Controller for a construction company and real estate developer.
  • Contributing author for healthcare economic texts.
  • Managing payroll of $320,000+ per month.
  • My husband is a MD.
  • Obtaining Master’s Degrees in the Science of Accounting.
  • Over 25 years of tax preparation work.
  • Past tax editor of a national subscription service for Certified Financial Planners.
  • Teaching accounting online for Baker College.
  • Teaching ethics online for Baker College.
  • Teaching QuickBooks online for Baker College.

We speak English, not Financialese. However I speak fluent Russian as well.