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CPA offers Refund Reminder as Part of Tax Preparation

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Gary Bode, CPA: we'll help you track your refunds. For a free phone consult, give us a call at 399-2705.

It seems incredible, but this year the IRS has $153.3 Million (yes, Million) of undeliverable tax refunds to 99,123 tax payers, because of bad addresses. No figures are available on direct deposit issues. I’d have thought folks would be curious about their $1,543, on average, refund! So, we’re setting up IRS and State refund reminders for our clients who desire it, and have refunds coming of course.

We’ve found that clients are becoming more comfortable providing the IRS a bank account number for direct deposit. And the refund is faster, of course! This is much more cost effective for the IRS and States than physical checks. Despite horrendous stories, the IRS has excellent internal controls. Allowing vendors to automatically draft payments from your account is probably more dangerous.

Remember, the IRS and most states have refund checking tools online and/or refund hotlines.

We’re a Wilmington CPA firm that works to continually expand customer service. For a free phone consult, give us a call at (910) 399-2705.

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