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Small Business Federal Tax Return Preparation by a CPA in Wilmington NC

Small business federal tax return preparation by Wilmington NC CPA firm

Gary Bode, CPA: We want your company to keep more of what it earns! For a free initial consult on small business federal tax return preparation and strategy, please call us at (910) 399-2705.

Small business federal return tax preparation is our specialty.  And the associated NC returns as well.  Hello and welcome.  We’re a CPA Wilmington NC accounting firm offering a friendly mix of tax expertise and customer service.  Please read any of our taxation posts to get a feel for our attitude on both current tax preparation and future tax positioning.  Multiple state returns are no problem.  We want your company to keep more of what it earns!   We know our success depends on your success.  Of course, we offer federal tax return preparation for indiviuals too. 

Our small business federal tax return preparation expertise includes the following: 

  • Schedule C on Form 1040 and NC D400 for Sole Proprietors and SMLLC(s).
  • IRS Form 1120 and NC CD405 for C Corporations and LLC(s).
  • IRS Form 1120S and NC CD401S for S Corporations and LLC(s).
  • IRS Form 1065 and NC D403 for Partnerships and LLC(s).

Many clients need these small business tax forms prepared as well: 

  • Payroll tax form preparation (Form 941).
  • Unemployment tax form preparation (Form 940 and NCUI 101).
  • County business property tax listing preparation.
  • NC Sales Tax preparation (E500).

Please contact us at (910) 399-2705 for a free initial consult on small business tax return preparation.

We’re a CPA Wilmington NC accounting firm that believes accurate small business tax preparation is just  part of the service.  Future tax positioning helps your company take advantage of known and expected tax strategies.  Obviously, your federal tax return preparation should strive to legally minimize your IRS and NC current tax liability.   If you look around our website, you’ll see we keep with current IRS regulations and emerging trends (via tax court cases and Private Letter Rulings).  We believe current tax preparation should be a stepping stone to future tax positioning. 

Of course, we do more than just small business federal tax return preparation.  We also believe your accounting and bookkeeping should help you manage the company.  Components of small business Financial Statements and company statistics can be used to construct financial management tools, like the Fortune 500 companies use.  One example is graphing your company’s current or quick ratio across time to help visualize it’s liquidity.  Perhaps in anticipation of a loan application. In the hands of this Wilmington NC CPA firm, small business federal tax return preparation can lead to better company management and increased profitability.

On new clients, we review past year tax returns.  The biggest item we ever found was $225,000 of undeducted Goodwill.  The company hadn’t been using a CPA and I was astounded that such an obvious deduction had been over looked.  Since amending past tax returns incurs cost, and Goodwill doesn’t expire per se, we started deducting $15,000 a year.  Cash value to the client?  About $4500 per year.  So our federal tax return preparation goes above and beyond what some tax preparers do.