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Wage Garnishment CPA discusses Form 668-W(c) | Stop IRS Wage Garnishment

wage garnishment cpa wilmington nc discusses Form 668-Wc

Gary Bode, CPA: I’ve showed you how I approach wage garnishment and Form 688-W(c). For a free phone consult, please call (910) 399-2705.

We’re a wage garnishment CPA firm with a virtual office, to offering services wherever you live. We practice in every State except HI.

Receiving Form 668-W(c) begins a short process that results in your employer sending part of your wages to the IRS! Sometimes your State wants back taxes too, leading to severe cash flow problems. Plus tax liens ruin your credit.

How does a Wage Garnishment CPA approach Form 668-W(c)?

  • We try to buy more time. The IRS usually grants a time extension once you engage a wage garnishment CPA . After all, we need time to work your case.
  • Wage garnishment CPAs listen to your side of the story. Part of my job is ease the emotional burden typically associated with Form 688-W(c) cases. I think clients appreciate when a CPA understands both their perspective and relevant IRS rules. If I ever thought there was a stereotypical wage garnishment client, I don’t anymore. Most clients are normal folks, somehow embroiled with a powerful agency. I just try to get them through this crisis quickly and economically.
  • We deal with the IRS and State for you.
  • We learn the underlying tax problems. Wage garnishment CPAs typically get a limited power of attorney that allows us to collect information about you case from the IRS. This might be through online tax transcripts or a call to the Revenue Agent working your case.
  • We correct the IRS information. Wage garnishment CPAs know that sometimes the IRS information is incorrect. For example, the client may not have filed multiple back tax returns. In such cases, the IRS is kind enough to prepare a “substitute return.” But they don’t factor in deductions and credits. Once correct returns are prepared, the amount of tax liability is inevitably lower. I have personally seen many cases where a refund is actually due, not a wage garnishment!
  • If we can’t stop the wage garnishment, we try to cut it.
  • We look at alternate ways to pay the IRS if you actually owe them. So, let’s say I’ve determined you do owe the IRS. Wage Garnishment CPAs look to see if the IRS will accept less than what you owe as payment in full, somewhat like an Offer in Compromise. Other times we’ll look at an Installment Agreement to pay them over time.
  • We look at State issues.
  • Sometimes, wage garnishment is inevitable, at least in the short-term. If so, your CPA will double-check your employer’s calculations at how much to garnish. If it is a joint liability, which spouse is garnished? Publication 1494 provides those guidelines by the way.
  • Sometimes we can use an injured spouse defense to protect the wages of the innocent spouse.
  • We look for ways to stop wage garnishment. Sometimes wage garnishment and tax liens stymie your ability to change jobs or take on additional work. Can a point be made that wage garnishment actually slows collection?
  • Often, CPAs will help release and withdraw IRS and State tax liens.

Wage Garnishment Client Issues:

  • While there is no typical wage garnishment client, circumstances help mold client behavior into common avenues.
  • Wage garnishment and back tax clients are often slow to provide information.
  • But the IRS time-lines don’t change. So, my suggestion is for you to work in a timely fashion with your wage garnishment CPA.
  • Generally, wage garnishment CPAs work off of a retainer; we’re paid in advance. Note, I’m not saying you don’t intend to pay us, I’m saying you may not be able to pay us later.

I’m a wage garnishment CPA that understands Form 688-Wc process. Our virtual office offers convenient service, wherever you live. If you don’t have a local wage garnishment CPA, please read some of the hundreds of posts we have on this website and then consider calling us for a free phone consult at (910) 399-2705.

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