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Tax CPA takes a poke at H&R Block | Batman needs a CPA

Tax CPAs don’t really hate H&R Block. And the “error” H&R Block made, might not even be a true error. But they sure are catching flack over it. Plus they’ve endangered Batman. And exposed him to another villain, the IRS! Why’d you do it H&R Block? Batman needs a CPA.

OK, H&R Block tries to cash in on comic book movies by presenting the super hero’s imaginary tax returns on line. But H&R Block now unwittingly joins Gotham’s pantheon of super villains. I hope Marvel sues them (I love Batman so much!)

So, with the new Batman movie opening (the legend ends in IMAX according to the movie posters – please don’t kill Batman), H&R Block posted Bruce Wayne’s tax return online. Shame, shame for revealing Batman’s secret identity. I hope the IRS nails them on confidentiality issues.

But H&R Block appears to make a basic mistake. Something no tax CPA would ever do. Yes son, I’ll help Batman. They note that Bruce Wayne gives a huge amount to charities. And then deducts it on his tax return. But charitable contributions are only 30-50% deductible. H&R Block appears to deduct it all. This will certainly result in an IRS tax audit of Batman, I mean Bruce Wayne. Why? The error is so basic and the amount is so high. How come you hate the Batman, H&R Block?