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QuickBooks CPA Trainer Discusses Training Issues

QuickBooks CPA Trainer Wilmington NC

Gary Bode, CPA: a good QuickBooks trainer accomplishes multiple goals simultaneously. For a free phone consult, please call 399-2705.

A good QuickBooks CPA trainer has talents that translate into a fast, cost-effective startup.

“I think the most important quality in a QuickBooks CPA trainer is a genuine desire to see the client’s company succeed.”
– Gary Bode, QuickBooks CPA in Wilmington NC

Classroom Courses vs. Customized QuickBooks Training

I used to teach a comprehensive QuickBooks training course for Baker College Online. It covered all aspects of QuickBooks in a logical, regimented way. Which is fine, if you’ve got the time and patience. But, some companies don’t carry Inventory, so spending time learning about the inventory features might be counter productive, just as an example. While the course thoroughly covered QuickBooks, as advertised, it didn’t really teach the underlying small business bookkeeping, accounting and payroll concepts. With customized training, you can often get about 8o% of what you need in a single session of QuickBooks training session. And it never gets boring, because it’s tailored to your company and the way you learn!

QuickBooks CPA Expertise

Wilmington NC has a multitude of QuickBooks experts. How do you choose?

Underlying Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing and Accounting

But familiarity with QuickBooks doesn’t mean expertise in the underlying bookkeeping, payroll processing and accounting. This is vital to adapting Intuit QuickBooks to your company. A QuickBooks CPA teaches you how to run your specific company in QB, not just the QuickBooks mechanics.

Training Skill

I can flow through QuickBooks in any manner best suited to that particular client. This is similar to the QuickBooks interface, which allows very personalized approaches to bookkeeping, payroll processing and accounting tasks. Tutoring itself is an art. I love watching my clients relax in that moment when they know the program will work for them. A QuickBooks CPA trainer has to understand the issues well enough to be able to approach them from any perspective. Customized QuickBooks training doesn’t force a rigid curriculum.

If you’d like a free phone consult with a Wilmington CPA who provides customized QuickBooks training, please call us at (910) 399-2705.

The Right Version of QuickBooks

The QuickBooks CPA trainer should ascertain which version of QuickBooks is best suited to the client. Lower versions omit some features, which if needed, become frustrating to the client during training and utilization.

Willingness to Understand the Underlying Business

Intuit QuickBooks is generic out of the box. As a CPA QuickBooks trainer, I think it is most effective to teach QuickBooks specifically tailored to the client’s business. For example, clients understand who owes them money well enough that applying it to QuickBooks isn’t confusing. The QuickBooks’ interface is friendly enough that just a bit of training affords comfort in multiple aspects of the program.

Allowing Clients to Learn Themselves: QuickBooks Sample Companies

QuickBooks training doesn’t have to be extensive. If I train specifically to the client’s business, a single session is often enough to train for about 80% of the required skills. Then I encourage clients to explore the sample companies packaged in QuickBooks. The superb bookkeeping in these sample companies, along with QuickBooks ability to drill down to transactions from reports, helps the client become their own QuickBooks trainer. I think it can be fun. Of course, we stand by as backup for the inevitable details as you progress.

Ability to Demonstrate Managerial Usefulness of QuickBooks

A good QuickBooks CPA trainer is able to demonstrate how QuickBooks bookkeeping data gives a manager a business edge over the competition. The QuickBooks CPA trainer should understand the tools the Fortune 500 boys use, and be able to modify these for use by the client. Some of this involves customizing QuickBooks bookkeeping reports and then exporting them into Microsoft Excel. So, sometimes, Excel training can be integrated by the QuickBooks trainer.

Ability to Say, “I don’t know.”

Even CPAs get stumped occasionally during QuickBooks training. So our approach is just to fess up and use it as an opportunity to demonstrate how effective QuickBooks internal documentation is. Generally it takes only minutes and makes the client comfortable with the process of obtaining answers when the QuickBooks trainer isn’t there.

If you need a free initial consult on QuickBooks training, or any CPA issue, please feel free to give as a call at (910) 399-2705.

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