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QuickBooks CPA explains using Cisco WebEx for QuickBooks training | remote QuickBooks CPA training | remote QuickBooks CPA setup

QuickBooks CPA QuickBooks trainng

You’re not limited to a local QuickBooks CPA. Our virtual office means distance isn’t a factor. If you like what you read call for a free initial phone consult. (910) 399-2705.

QuickBooks CPAs love showing their accounting and tax preparation clients around QuickBooks. Often, QuickBooks is the core of business management. Especially if you understand how to modify a QuickBooks report and then export it to Excel. QuickBooks can open up business management tools that the big boys use. Very cool.

When both the QuickBooks CPA and client are in the same room, rapid training progress occurs. But I noticed that, when I taught QuickBooks for Baker College Online, some students got frustrated over things I could have solved in seconds face to face. And the College presented training on all aspects of QuickBooks. Most students had QuickBooks goals and got antsy when I covered modules that didn’t pertain to them.

Streamlined QuickBooks Remote Training with Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx allows the Client to see what’s on my computer monitor. It’s a free service. So I can talk about process while demonstrating it in QuickBooks and the Client can follow along. And it can switch roles and allow the client to show me QuickBooks on their monitor. Sometimes Cisco WebEx is better than face to face. Why? There’s no crowding around a single monitor.

Here’s the usual flow of QuickBooks training:

  • A QuickBooks CPA starts by understanding the business you’re in and the most common accounting transaction it uses.
  • A QuickBooks CPA tries to understand how the Client thinks about their company. One great feature of QuickBooks its’ personation features. Why not use them to make your business more intuitive?
  • A QuickBooks CPA thinks about how secure QuickBooks. So I try to proactively place internal controls to help prevent embezzlement and insure thing get properly recorded .
  • I start QuickBooks training with billing. Why? Everybody knows who owes them money and is interested in getting paid.
  • Within an hour or so most clients understand the QuickBooks billing process and most of the software conventions QuickBooks uses.
  • I try to emphasis the QuickBooks accounting process which means the Client doesn’t have to memorize most transactions.
  • The flip side of billing is accounts payable.
  • So usually after a single QuickBooks training session the client can use QuickBooks for 80% of the day-to-day activities.
  • I suggest making a chart for rare QuickBooks transactions. Logic and good software don’t solve all accounting issues.
  • With Cisco WebEx and a phone line I n show clients around their Company’s QuickBooks file as it appears on my screen. Then we switch to the Client showing me what’s happening on their monitor. Very cool.
  • Then I standby for support if needed.

“QuickBooks training customized to your specific company is often cheaper, quicker and less frustrating that an entire course on QuickBooks.”
– Gary Bode , QuickBooks CPA

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