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QuickBooks CPA discusses the Process Multiple Reports Feature | Small Business Accountant

QuickBooks CPA Wilmington NC

Gary Bode, CPA: QuickBooks can and should be used for managerial decisions. For a free phone consult, please call 399-2705.

As a QuickBooks CPA, I make sure clients have a shot at using their accounting data for managerial decisions. Too often, clients limit QuickBooks to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and IRS reporting duties.

Process Multiple Reports

I’m not suggesting management strictly by the numbers. But assuming proper setup and accuracy, reviewing timely multiple customized reports is good management. These reports become part of a financial dashboard, a tool the big guys use. This translates to picking up 90% of your company’s financial nuances in an hour or so a month. Once you create and memorize individual reports, QuickBooks can print them all simultaneously, with just a few keystrokes. In this case, memorize refers to being able to pull up the same report each month with current data. Such streamlining saves valuable time and helps provide consistent and timely managerial feedback.

Individual Customized QuickBooks Reports

QuickBooks offers sophisticated report customization. Developing reports takes time and expertise. Re-creating reports every week or month gets frustrating. QuickBooks allows you to memorize a report. When invoked at a future date, QuickBooks reproduces the report with current information. Very cool!

“CPAs use QB report customization to display desired data in a format the client intuitively understands.”
– Gary Bode, QuickBooks CPA and tax accountant

Using QuickBooks with Excel

CPAs seldom see any accounting software satisfying all a company’s requirements. Considering QuickBooks is a generic accounting program, it does a great job. But for advanced analysis, a QuickBooks CPA exports a report to Excel. Export also allows use of Excel’s graphing capabilities. Graphs catch trends in accounting and financial data earlier, in my opinion, than a page full of numbers.

Customized Data Fields

But wait, QuickBooks offers even more personalization. The customized data fields allow entry of company specific parameters into QuickBooks. For example, if your company has various types of customers, like say Individuals or Business, QuickBooks can sort reports by the type of customer.

We’re a QuickBooks CPA firm in Wilmington NC that serves a wide geographic base through a Virtual Office. Gary has over 16 years of QuickBooks experience, in almost every conceivable type of business. He’s taught it at the college level as well. Please look at some of our other QuickBooks posts to help gauge our expertise and proactive attitude. If you think we’re a better fit for your company than local accounting talent, please call (910) 399-2705.

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