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QuickBooks Training by a Wilmington NC CPA

A CPA Wilmington NC offers QuickBooks training in bookkeeping, payroll and accounting.

Gary Bode, CPA: offering QuickBooks training in bookkeeping, payroll and accounting: customized to your company! For a free initial consult, please call us at (910) 399-2705.

QuickBooks training via the classroom can be extremely useful.  But it also can be generic and miss the specifics of your particular business.  Plus, some of the managerial usefulness of QuickBooks bookkeeping can be over looked.  Aggregated QuickBooks bookkeeping can be used tobuild accounting and financial tools to help guide your company forward.  Like the CFOs in Fortune 500 companies use.

QuickBooks training, per se, is easy because the QuickBooks user interface is so friendly.  But the underlying bookkeeping, accounting and payroll in QuickBooks may not be as obvious.  Customized QuickBooks training tailors the presentation to the specifics of your company, and the way your staff learns.  We cover the small business accounting essentials, customized to your company.

Hi, I’m Gary Bode, a CPA here in Wilmington NC.  I also teach QuickBooks for Baker College Online.  So I understand both the generic classroom and customized approaches to QuickBooks training.  We offer customized QuickBooks training tailored to your company and the way you learn.

Advantages of Customized QuickBooks Training

As a CPA QuickBooks trainer, I first try to understand your company and the way you think about it.  QuickBooks needs to accurately reflect your small business accounting and financial parameters in a way that is intuitively obvious to you.  Too often QuickBooks setup only results in being able to accurately interface with the IRS and NC DOR.  Which is important.  But the real power of QuickBooks training is the ability to build and utilize small business accounting tools to help manage your business, and guide it into the future.  We try to provide QuickBooks training that helps use the aggregated QuickBooks bookkeeping to build managerial tools to run your company.

  • By honing in on the specifics for your company, QuickBooks training often doesn’t take more than a few hours initially.  QuickBooks is so easy to use; most folks are up and running the basics that soon.  We then provide guidance and support as needed.  This gradual, customized approach to QuickBooks training leads to better overall comprehension.
  • QuickBooks training in a classroom can be overwhelming.  Not because of the QuickBooks interface.  But because it has to be a QuickBooks bookkeeping, accounting and payroll course too.  Some folks flounder through no fault of the instructor or QuickBooks.
  • Individualized QuickBooks training allows me to present things in a logical manner, customized to your particular company, while still being flexible. 

Please read any of our QuickBooks postings under the link in the left sidebar.  QuickBooks and fraud are popular posts where I explain some of the weak points in QuickBooks that need attention.  There are also posts on setting up QuickBooks and others that delineate our approach to QuickBooks training. 

If you need a free initial consult on QuickBooks training from a Wilmington NC CPA firm, please consider calling us at (910) 399-2705.

Our QuickBooks training covers the relevant setup, payroll, managerial and bookkeeping issues as they specifically pertain to your company.  Presented in the manner best suited to the way you learn.  Simultaneously, we address the eventual small business federal tax return preparation to minimize future costs.