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Offer in Compromise CPA comments on OIC Preparer Scams | IRS Form 656 Preparation

Few areas of taxation breed more tax preparer scams than the Offer in Compromise. The top three “Offer Mills” all had legal problems:

  • California shut Roni Deutch down.
  • NC and 18 other States successfully sued JK Harris.
  • Tax Masters had two federal lawsuits.

All because of consumer fraud. I think all Offer in Compromise CPAs are pleased to see this abuse stopped. But the IRS recently relaxed the qualifications for the Offer in Compromise. I suspect late night TV ads, for “pennies on the dollar” tax resolution, will again troll for victims.

Typical Offer in Compromise Scams

These are taken from published statements by the federal government and State Attorneys.

  • Large retainers. I’ve heard $1500-2400.
  • No refunds. The retainers are non-refundable.
  • Deceptive advertising. Like guaranteed IRS acceptance, immediate halt of wage garnishment, etc.
  • No work actually done.
  • Multiple requests for the same taxpayer information.

It Doesn’t Cost Much to see if you Qualify for an Offer in Compromise

“We charge $250 for a preliminary look at your tax situation.”
– Gary Bode, Offer in Compromise CPA

There’s no large retainers. If you qualify, we continue with preparing Form 656 and other required documentation. We do work off of a retainer, but if we finish the work, and there’s a balance left, we refund it. We also take a look at other IRS and State options available to you like:

  • Preparing proper back tax returns. The IRS may be demanding too much based on missing or incorrect information. Honestly, some cases generate refunds.
  • Amending past returns to present new information and correct errors.
  • Installment Agreements. The IRS accepts payment plans.

I’m an Offer in Compromise CPA with a virtual office. Distance isn’t a factor with our service. Click on “656” from the Forms drop down box, or “Offer in Compromise” in the Category drop down box, in the right sidebar, to help evaluate our ability and philosophy. An Offer in Compromise isn’t always the best answer. We’ll help you find the best available IRS response to your specific circumstances. For a free phone consult, please call (910) 399-2705.


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