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My bibliograpy: 3rd edition of The Business of Medical Practice

CPA Wilmington NC

A CPA in Wilmington NC Speaks English not Fiancialese

I believe accounting should be a useful managerial tool and CPAs should speak English, not Financialese.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to make money as a national author, mostly because of my approach to making accounting actually useful.  I became a CPA partly because my CPA just wasn’t helpful for my business. I expected my CPA to be a partner providing business acumen I didn’t have then. But even the tax preparation was reactive and not proactive. The next CPA thought that providing more frequent Financial Statements, which I openly stated I didn’t understand, was going to be helpful, and charged me accordingly.  So I became aware that, in some cases, there were gaps in services a small business could obtain from a CPA.  Unless you had had your own CFO, it seemed like you were at a real disadvantage.  Frustrating, because it was obvious large firms had this expertise.

Basically my approach today is to take tools of the trade, common in public companies and modify/customize them for businesses without a trained CFO.  And help you understand how to use them.  Many folks sadly view their accounting information as just an interface for the IRS.  Probably because of the financialese involved and inherent historical nature to it. 

“I believe accounting should be a useful managerial tool and CPAs should speak English, not Financialese.”
-Gary Bode CPA, Wilmington NC Accountant

The 3rd edition of The Business of Medical Practice is out.  Here’s a link. http://businessofmedicalpractice.com/about-the-book/.  I’ve authored, and co-authored, multiple chapters in it including cash flow management, cost accounting and financial ratios.  The editor is Dr. David Marcinko, now an MBA and Certified Financial Planner.  I feel this book helps medical practices gear up for the Healthcare Reform Act. 

My other publications include:

  • The Products line of medical trade magazines as a medical practice management columnist.  Which served Plastic Surgeons, Orthodontists, Optometrists, Chiropractors and Podiatrists   These had a monthly circulation of 60,000.  Contributing editor for Chiropractic Products for awhile too.
  • Podiatry Today, where two of the practice management articles from the Products magazines were re-published.
  • AOA News, the national association of Optometrist’s newspaper.  It ran  a series of four articles ran showing how to build a graphical practice management performance dashboard using practice stats and financial parameters.
  • Resources for Financial Planners, where I was the tax editor for two years and revised several of the chapters in it.
  • Runner’s World magazine. Twice.

While I’m a CPA in Wilmington NC , these publications generally involved national experience in healthcare and business valuations, which honed my desire to help folks use their accounting for managerial purposes, into a true ability to do so. 

If you need a Wilmington NC CPA who wants you to keep more of what you earn, call us for a free consult (910) 399-2705.

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