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Medical Expense Deduction CPA discusses non-deductible and unqualified medical expense for IRS Schedule A-Itemized Deductions

Medical expense deduction CPA Schedule A Itemized Deduction

Your CPA should always ask for your medical expenses at tax time, just in case they’ll help reduce your tax liability. (910) 399-2705.

CPAs usually deal with qualified medical expense deductions on IRS Schedule A. But here I’ll discuss unqualified medical expenses that can’t be deducted. I’m not going over itemized deduction strategies or explaining Schedule A, except to note that we always ask for medical expenses, just in case they’ll reduce your tax liability.

This post is just a list of no-nos for IRS medical expenses. Some are silly. If you look at the list you’ll understand what the IRS has to deal with.

Medical Expenses your CPA can’t deduct on Schedule A found in the Instructions for Schedule A

  • Diet Food: the IRS doesn’t want your food being deductible. However, gastric bypass surgery is deductible.
  • Cosmetic surgery: but there are plenty of exceptions. Talk to your CPA.
  • Life insurance costs.
  • Income protection insurance.
  • Your Medicare taxes. This is the 1.45% your employer with holds from your paycheck. Since this is paying for health insurance in the future, it sounds deductible, especially since current health insurance premiums usually are deductible.
  • Nursing for a healthy baby.
  • Diaper services.
  • Maternity clothes.
  • Illegal operations or drugs.
  • Drugs not approved by the FDA.
  • Travel and rest suggested by your Doctor.
  • Non-prescription drugs including nicotine patches and gum.
  • Scientology fees. But since Scientology is a religion, there are strategies to deduct these in other sections of Schedule A.
  • Marriage counseling.
  • Funeral burial and cremation costs.
  • Bottled water even in areas where the water is known to be unhealthy.
  • Tattoos.
  • Body piercings.
  • Sex change operations.
  • Hair transplants.
  • Over the counter items look toothpaste and toothbrushes.
  • Gym memberships.
  • Marijuana, even in Colorado or Washington.


If you have any questions about a suspected no-no, feel free to call me for a consult: (910) 399-2705.

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