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avatar"Gary Bode has just completed our tax returns for the first time and I am totally satisfied with his level of service. He has been very attentive, asked all the right questions, and not only fixed some problems from our previous accountant, but also set us up for future success through a thorough and professional analysis of our corporate structure in conjunction with several personal variables.

I have worked with quite a few CPA’s in my life, and Gary has proven himself to be one of the most thoughtful, insightful, and pleasant fellows I have ever worked with."—J. Louis Tabor

Tabor Foods, LLC

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Even though Gary enjoys helping colleagues, we no longer provide free consults to other tax preparers. He's happy to consult on an hourly billing basis if our schedule allows.

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IRS Form 4564 CPA | Information Document Request | IRS Audit

Wilmington NC CPA discusses Form 4564 and IRS audits.

Gary Bode, CPA: for a free initial phone consult on an IRS audit, please call 399-2705.

IRS Form 4564, Information Document Request, generally arrives with Letter 2205 or Letter 3572 as the first step of an IRS field audit. Form 4564 should jive with the IRS issues being audited, as presented on the initial contact letter. A Field audit means they want to come to your home, your business, or your tax audit CPA’s office.

Here’s our post on Letter 2205 and Letter 3572, which includes some explanation of IRS audits.

“If Form 4564 demands your company’s  QuickBooks file, have your CPA review it before sending it to the IRS.”
– Gary Bode, tax audit CPA

IRS Form 4564 looks simple but offers an opportunity for self-incrimination. My experience is that taxpayers are over compliant, sometimes opening up additional audit issues. While the information requested on Form 4564 should already exist, the compressed timeline of a field audit may not allow it to be presented optimally. If it’s a business audit, the IRS may ask for your QuickBooks or accounting software file before the face to face interview. A field audit probably deserves professional representation, like a CPA.

We’re a Wilmington NC CPA firm with a virtual office to handle your audit regardless of where you live. Please peruse some of our postings to gauge our ability and proactive philosophy. For a free initial phone consult on Form 4564, or any IRS audit issue, call (910) 399-2705.

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