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IRS Back Taxes CPA accountant | Filing of Back Tax and Old Income Tax Returns

IRS back taxes cpa discusses filing old income tax returns

Back tax cases sometimes generate refunds. We offer a free phone consult on IRS back tax issues. (910) 399-2705.

I’m a CPA accountant who helps file IRS back taxes for Clients. Often an IRS Notice CP2000 or Letter 566 prompts a new Client to call. The filing of back tax and old income tax returns always (in my experience anyway) results in a smaller IRS back tax bill than what the IRS initially demands. Sometimes filing IRS back tax returns result in a net tax refund.

Do I help with back taxes owed?

This client question is often premature. Some back tax cases generate a IRS tax refund. Here’s just one example. I had a divorced Client with two kids engage me to prepare her back tax returns. Because of the Earned Income Credit and her change of tax filing status from Married Filing Jointly to Head of Household she received three years of nice tax refunds. And had no back taxes due for the other four tax years. The IRS and most States only allow income tax refunds for the last three years. All CPA accountants have tales of Clients losing large refunds secondary to the three-year limit.

But yes, if you actually owe back taxes, once we finish working on all the legitimate tax deductions and tax credits, we look to help you pay them. Here are the most common scenarios:

  • We look to see if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise. Checking takes about a half hour of billable time. An Offer in Compromise means the IRS accepts less than what you as full payment.
  • Sometimes we set up an Installment Agreement. The IRS usually lets you pay by the month.
  • Putting your back taxes owed into the IRS Currently not collectible status. Sort of a limbo situation until your financial condition improves.

How do I get the Information for IRS Back Tax Return Preparation?

While there’s no stereotypical back tax client, there are common problems. Accurate back tax information is one of them.

  • We pull your IRS transcripts.
  • We help you reconstruct your tax deductions. Reconstruction isn’t illegal. But I often document IRS back tax returns better than current tax returns. An example? You might have a year with high medical expenses. Well the hospital, Doctor and Pharmacies can provide an annual statement.

How does your Virtual office help with Back Tax Return Preparation?

  • The transfer of information between our CPA and the client is more efficient.
  • You can engage us no matter where you live. We have nationwide and international clients. Even our local clients find the virtual office more convenient.
  • It lowers our costs that we pass along to the Client.
  • It allows us to collaborate with the Client. For example we can have a secure spreadsheet in Google Drive that lists the tax deductions by year allowing for better detection of back tax red flags.

“Don’t pay the IRS or State back taxes without first preparing an accurate tax return for the years in question. An accurate back tax return always lowers the amount of back taxes owed. Sometime it even generates a refund.”
– Gary Bode, back tax CPA accountant

What’s the Cost of Preparing Back Tax Returns?

Usually the cost for sequentially producing old IRS income tax returns is cheaper than if you had filed on time. But other cost drivers exist:

  • Obtaining limited IRS Power of Attorney. This allows us to pull your records and speak with the IRS Agent handling the case.
  • Letters and calls to extend the back tax filing deadline.
  • Handling overlapping IRS and State Notices and Letters. Unfortunately back tax cases generate redundant demands and we have to address them even if irrelevant.

How can I tell if you’re a good back tax CPA?

    • Well there are hundreds of posts on this website. Many of them on filing back tax returns and negotiating with the IRS for back taxes owed. What you read is what you get.
    • My CPA license is listed, you can check to see if there are issues with it.
    • I’ve taught accounting and QuickBooks, and some clients say I explain things better than what was expected.
    • The site has testimonials.
    • Call for a free phone consult on back tax filing and IRS issues. (910) 399-2705.

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