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Form 8825 CPA discusses IRS Audit Guides | Rental Property

The IRS publishes its own Audit Technique Guides (ATGs). You might assume a CPA would use them as preparation for handling an IRS  audit. And we do. But I find them helpful as another source of information for tax preparation as well. For example, their Passive Activity Loss Audit Technique Guide covers many aspects of Form 8825 preparation. I think the best audit defense for Form 8825 is presenting an accurate, correct return the first time.

Of course, the ATGs are dry reading. Maybe less so if you’re being audited. If you’re a real estate professional, understanding what the IRS will ask you during an audit could be useful.

Confused about Material Participation? The ATG includes an entire chapter on it from a different perspective than you’ll find elsewhere.

CPAs have to deal with multiple scenarios on Form 8825 simply because we serve a broad client base. But Form 8825 preparation isn’t rocket science and I think many folks self prepare them. If you are self preparing, ATGs are another source of reliable information.

I’m a Form 8825 CPA with a virtual office to serve long distance clients. If you’re not comfortable preparing it, or the parent tax return like Form 1120-S, for example, consider calling us for a free consult at (910) 399-2705.

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