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Divorce CPA discusses a 2012 Innocent Spouse Relief Tax Court Case | Form 8857 | NC

divorce CPA Wilmington NC discusses 2012 Innocent Spouse Relief tax court case and Form 8857

Gary Bode, CPA: divorce CPAs understand that Innocent Spouse Relief changes with time. For a free phone consult, call 399-2705.

Hello, I’m Gary Bode, a divorce CPA with a virtual office to serve folks outside of our Wilmington, NC base.

I’ve seen a remarkable change in IRS attitude toward Innocent Spouse Relief during the last few years. How do such changes come about? Tax court cases challenge the status quo and become the impetus for change. With Innocent Spouse Relief, even the underlying Form 8857 got revamped! Divorce CPAs watch these cases to ascertain when to push into gray areas of tax code.

Here’s a report on the latest advance. In 2012, an innocent spouse won a refund stemming from IRS seizure of funds in a joint bank account. Granted, it took a tax court case to accomplish that. But a precedent is now set to help innocent spouses in the future.

I’m a divorce CPA who prepares Form 8857, and stays current on Innocent Spouse Relief trends. There are hundreds of postings on the site, many on Innocent Spouse Relief and other divorce tax matters. For a free phone consult, please call (910) 399-2705.

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