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CPA Accounting Firm Offers QuickBooks Payroll Service Support in Wilmington NC

Wilmington NC CPA Firm offers QuickBooks payroll service support

Gary Bode, CPA: we pride ourselves in offering a complete safety net of QuickBooks support

QuickBooks payroll service does a great job.  Reliable and accurate.  But support issues surface sporadically.  Since most of our clients use QuickBooks, we support all aspects of it.  Our QuickBooks CPA, Gary Bode, teaches it for Baker College Online.  Please read any of our QuickBooks related posts to get a feel for our proactive QuickBooks attitude and expertise. 

If you’d like a free initial consult with a CPA, practicing in a Wilmington NC accounting firm that specializes in QuickBooks, please consider calling us at (910) 399-2705.  We offer customized QuickBooks training, including their payroll component.

QuickBooks Payroll Support and Cash Flow Management

Our philosophy is your company should be as payroll self sufficient as you want it to be.  QuickBooks’ payroll service is a logical way to achieve that.  If you’re our client, we provide a complete safety net of QuickBooks support. Cash flow management is where most payroll problems occur, and we can help with that too.  Please see any of our payroll related posts to get an idea of our understanding on QuickBooks and cash flow payroll issues.

QuickBooks Payroll Service Setup

Most clients function well in QuickBooks payroll, once it is setup properly.  Often when we provide QuickBooks training, we setup QuickBooks simultaneously, optimizing it to your company’s specifics.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping: use it to build Fortune 500 like managerial tools

QuickBooks payroll service is just one aspect of QuickBooks bookkeeping and accounting.  Too often the hard work that goes into QuickBooks is just used to interface with the IRS for tax preparation.  Brilliant minds have built managerial tools out of bookkeeping components and refined them over centuries.  We help clients build a monthly or quarterly performance dashboard, custom tailored to the way they think about their business. Often that involves customizing various QuickBooks bookkeeping reports and then exporting them into Excel for further massage.  Trend graph analysis is one example of these powerful managerial tools.

QuickBooks and Fraud

One trade off of QuickBooks user friendly interface is that it can more prone to embezzlement.  When Gary teaches QuickBooks for Baker College, the fraud section draws the most student attention.  We can help you lock down QuickBooks to protect your company.

QuickBooks Tax Links

We try to minimize your tax preparation fees by linking QuickBooks accounts to specific lines in the business tax returns like:

  • Schedule C of Form 1040 and NC D400 – for sole proprietors and SM LLCs.
  • IRS Form 1065 and NC D401 – for Partnerships and LLCs.
  • IRS Form 1120S and NC CD 401S – for S Corporations and LLCs.
  • IRS Form 1120 and NC CD 401- for C Corporations.

We’re a CPA Wilmington NC accounting firm offering QuickBooks setup, QuickBooks training Quickbooks bookkeeping and QuickBooks payroll support.  For a free initial consult, please consider calling us at (910) 399-2705.