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CPA passes along Wacky Tax Deductions

The following list was compiled by the MN Society of CPAs

1) A taxpayer wanted to claim his elected official as a dependent because he was paying their salary.

2) One taxpayer wanted to deduct the market value of his whole blood donations.

3) Someone tried to claim a $100,000 deduction for burning down an old cabin.

4) Gambling losses are charitable donations?

5) Private school fees are charitable donations?

6) Raffle tickets are charitable donations?

7) Deducting pets as dependents. Note deducting security or mascot animals may be legal.

8) A rental house in AZ as a medical expense.

9) Swimming pool as medical expense (without a Doctor’s order).

10) Cosmetic surgery as medical expense.

11) Divorce attorney fees claimed as investment expense.

12) Wedding expense deduction?

13) Truckers deducting female companionship as travel expense.

14) Deducting tattoos as medical expense.

15) A Doctor wanted to deduct hair styling and dying costs.

16) A sales lady wanted to deduct hair care, manicures and jewelry.

Our philosophy is to fly all wacky ideas by us. In some cases, concerning cosmetic surgery, animals and pools, there could be legitimate deductions, depending on the circumstances.