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CPA Accountant explains IRS Late Filing Penalty Abatement and Tax Form 843 | reasonable cause

CPA accountant late filing penalty tax form 843

The IRS sometimes abates penalties. But you have to request it by letter or tax Form 843. (910) 399-2705.

CPA accountants routinely try to abate IRS penalties. The late filing penalty is most common. There’s two ways to do that. One involves sending tax Form 843. The other is responding to the IRS Notice with a well-crafted letter requesting abatement of the late filing penalty for reasonable cause.

The IRS offers an automatic  abatement for the late filing penalty if you’ve got a good history of compliance with the IRS. But you have to request it. However, I’ve seen them abate more than just one penalty. So, we craft a legitimate reasonable cause for tax Form 843. Typical reasonable causes include loss of records, death in the family, serious illness, divorce, natural disasters etc.

Not all IRS penalties Qualify:

Naturally, wrinkles exist in the IRS penalty abatement policy.

“You don’t a CPA accountant to request abatement for IRS penalties.” – Gary Bode, CPA Accountant

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