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Virtual Office

Gary Bode, CPA: Distance isn’t a factor for delivering excellent client service. For a free initial phone consult, please call (910) 399-2705.

We have clients I’ve never met. But they get excellent service. Distance isn’t a factor for working with us.

Our virtual office evolved over time. It started with clients who moved and still remained with the firm. Then this website drew national and international clients. Now we practice in all States except HI. The virtual office adds convenience for our local Wilmington NC area clients too. Components include:

Client Portal

Because of client demand we use a secure client portal to transfer sensitive documents. Like Drop Box but safer.

Electronic Signature

We can send you a password protected document via an e-mail through Echo Sign. You review the document when convenient and digitally sign it. Copies get sent to all the parties.

Password encrypted PDFs

We don’t deliver any digital document without some type of protection unless it goes into the secure client portal.

Google Drive

Imagine we’re doing four years of back taxes for you that include a small business. After discussion by phone, we set up a spreadsheet where you can enter figures for all four years by category. Google Drive sends you a link. You sign into your own Google Drive account (which is free) and then complete the spreadsheet.

Cisco WebEx

You can see what I’m doing on my computer screen and vice versa. Excellent for reviewing tax returns and QuickBooks training.

Extended Hour Phone Appointments

Guaranteed on time. International clients need accommodation for time zone differences. Local clients appreciate being able to speak with us “after hours” Saturday appointments available.

QuickBooks Accountant Copies

You can send us your QB file via the client portal or by e-mail. Keep working with no disruption of use. You can re-import our changes seamlessly.

E-Mail. We acknowledge and answer e-mails daily. When we hear complaints about other CPAs, the complaint is usually based on non-responsiveness.


Sometimes it is just easier to fax us a document.


Even paying us is easy and convenient!

Distance is not a limiting factor for most of our services. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to live in wonderful Wilmington! We’re Southern and responsive by nature. So, please read a few of our hundreds of posts to gauge our ability and proactive philosophy. For a free phone consult on most issues. please call (910) 399-2705.