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CPA supervised bookkeeping

Gary Bode, CPA: we try to make you self sufficient for bookkeeping. (910) 399-2705.

Bookkeeping records the day-to-day financial transactions of a business into an accounting system. Our virtual office allows us to serve you wherever your company is located. We prefer bookkeeping in QuickBooks, either the online or computerized version.

“Perfect bookkeeping doesn’t guarantee your company becoming number 1, but poor bookkeeping almost guarantees it won’t be.”
Gary Bode, CPA

There several options for our bookkeeping services:

  • We can train you, or your bookkeeper, after optimizing your accounting software. Then we’re available for ongoing support or Quarterly reviews.
  • We can supervise an external bookkeeper of your choice.  Usually this involves quarterly reviews with subsequent adjusting entries in your accounting software.
  • Sometimes we can do the bookkeeping for you.  If you’re going with an external bookkeeper, it pays to hire one with close ties to your CPA.

The goal is always to keep your bookkeeping accurate and timely, not just for tax purposes, but as a tool to help you manage your business.

Feel free to call us at Gary Bode, CPA for a gratis phone consult: (910) 399-2705.