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Circular 230

The IRS has rules governing conduct of tax preparers. As with most IRS issues, the requirements in Circular 230 are subject to interpretation. For 2013 the IRS revised Circular 230.

Previously, rules about covered opinions were so severe that CPAs began to add boiler plate disclaimers to all their written communication. Paradoxically, the IRS intention to protect tax payers back fired as the disclaimers were so invasive that taxpayers ignored them. The new 2013 regulations provide general principles for written tax advice, but not exact requirements.

Other New Regs for Tax Payers

  • The tax preparer must be competent the type of engagement offered.
  • CPAs can’t receive taxpayer refunds.
  • CPA firms must supervise employees appropriately to ensure quality work.CPAs must due diligence during an engagement.
  • CPAs must file their personal tax returns. Not filing is a violation of IRS regulations and can result in suspension of a license.