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Back Taxes | CPA asks if you’d like the IRS to prepare your Tax Return | The Simple Return Act

Back Taxes CPA Wilmington NC discusses the IRS as tax preparers

Gary Bode, CPA: the IRS already prepares tax returns based on their collected information for a given tax year. Of course, most of their information is on income. But we’ll help you claim all legitimate tax deductions and credits. (910) 399-2705.

Back tax CPAs see IRS prepared “substitute returns” all the time. When you don’t file a return yourself, the IRS does it for you eventually, using the information they’ve collected for that tax year. The “substitute return” usually covers the income aspects of your tax return, but not most legitimate deductions and credits. CPAs who deal with back taxes that a properly prepared, accurate tax return almost always lowers the amount of tax demanded, sometimes even generating a refund.

The Simple Tax Act

Based on their ability to prepare a “substitute return”, the IRS is pushing to be your tax preparer. Congress is now considering The Simple Return Act, which would give about 40 Million taxpayers an option to have the IRS prepare the return and send you a bill. The main thrust? Some tax returns are so simple it seems a shame folks must pay tax preparer fees to the chains like H&R Block, or to software vendors like TurboTax.

Naturally, skepticism exists on The Simple Return Act:

  • The IRS would be the fox guarding the hen-house. Well on simple returns that’s not a big issue. Safeguards would exist.
  • The IRS would have confidential information on taxpayers. Like they don’t have that now?
  • The IRS is already over burdened. Well they seem to think The Simple Tax Act would ease some of that burden.
  • The IRS doesn’t understand the tax code itself. Well, on basic returns they certainly do.

I’m a back tax CPA with a virtual office to serve clients wherever they are. Generally clients come to me after the IRS has prepared their back taxes for them, for multiple tax years. Properly prepared tax returns that include all legitimate deductions and tax credits almost always lower that tax bill. Sometimes even generating a refund. For a free phone consult with a back tax CPA, instead of an IRS agent, please call (910) 399-2705.

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