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Back Tax CPA Discusses the Short Term Extension IRS Payment Agreement| ways to pay the IRS

Back tax CPA discusses the short term extension payment agreement
Gary Bode, CPA: we work every legitimate angle to reduce your back tax liability. For a free initial consult please call 399-2705.

A back tax CPA often earns a refund for the client. But this post discusses the IRS Short Term Extension payment agreement for when a tax liability exists. Note this option is unavailable if the IRS has already liened your property via Form 668(Y).

Reducing the Amount you Owe

Through preparation of un-filed tax returns, or amending existing returns, a back tax CPA reduces your tax liability using every legitimate technique. But, sometimes, a tax liability is still the result. But even then you might not have to pay it all. Offers in Compromise or Hardship Settlements might reduce that amount.

Delaying the Amount you Owe

Sometimes a CPA requests additional time to prepare the back tax returns. The IRS is considerate in this regard.

Actually Paying the Amount you Owe

But when money is actually due, the IRS has multiple ways to pay it. This post discusses the IRS Short-Term Payment Plan. The IRS was chastised for not offering this option more often. The reason? The short term extension payment plan requires no fees. But other Installment Agreements (Form 9465) do incur fees.

The IRS short term extension payment plan allows you to pay, in full, during the next 11-120 days. My CPA firm likes to be certain the client can fulfill that obligation, because of the potential consequences of default. But the IRS was also criticized for allowing later Installment Agreements, even after multiple defaults. So maybe this is a moot point.

The application process is via the Online Payment Agreement Application (OPA). Which renders an immediate decision on acceptance. Acceptance is not guaranteed, but, under most cases, some other Installment Agreement is acceptable, albeit with fees and greater inconvenience.

We’re a back tax CPA firm in Wilmington NC with a virtual office to serve international clients and offer greater convenience for local clients. Of course, we have a free initial phone consult policy on any back tax or IRS tax audit issue. (910) 399-2705

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